Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So the only store open when I get off is Walmart, so I go there.. Yes I know it's not the best store, it does have everything though. Well yesterday I went to go buy some capri pants for the weekend since I'm going to go watch the BF play flag football and it's gonna be so hot! So I went with my little sister and brother, and I tried on five different pairs, I only came out with two that I liked. They are the same size, same fit, same brand, but different color. I love them though, makes my stomach slim and my butt big, lol!! That's what the BF likes!! Anyways, I felt fat, of course I did, I was like, how can these other pants not fit? OMG!!! So, I said to myself, "Oh well, that means I get to save money, I wont have to buy more pants then because they don't fit!" Now that's thinking positive!!! See it's all working, me thinking positive, I have been super successful lately and I'm so proud!!! If the BF were to be reading my blogs he would be too!! :D

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