Monday, January 14, 2013

Weight Gain

Yesterday I weighed myself and realized that I had gained 8 pounds.  I already knew that I had gained weight because I could tell my pants were snug. 

"What does this mean" I thought.

It means that I really need to watch what I'm eating and try to be more healthy, but then again this was the case years ago.

One of my new years resolutions is not necessarily to lose weight but to be healthy!  Restricting myself from eating too many sweets and drinking soda, stuff like that.

I have been exercising lately, nothing to really say I'm going to lose weight, but to stay healthy.

It means that I shouldn't gain anymore weight because I'm going to watch what I eat and what I do to my body.

It means that my choices reflect what I look like and how I feel.

It means that with these 8 pounds that I gained, I would have to work harder to tone down than I did 8 pounds before now.

It means, if I had kept to my last new year's resolution I wouldn't be here.

But with everything that I have to face, 8 pounds more, I am still hopeful for a healthy and happy life with who I am (and that is key to trying to be healthy, accepting yourself, and being positive).

What are some thoughts that run through your mind when you look at the scale and see that the number has gone up?