Thursday, July 1, 2010

Modeling Opportunity

So I was on the Daily Venus Diva website looking at stuff, and there's a conference in September!!! I'm excited, doubt that I can go, it's probably way expensive, but they need volunteer models, so I'm thinking that the volunteer models don't have to pay for anything, but don't get paid themselves, which is fine with me. There will be a ton of people, so to be modeling and just have a bunch of plus size professionals looking at you is a great opportunity!!! But, I can't even walk like a model, so as of right now until later this month, I'm gonna train myself to walk like a model. I've been reading about how to walk like a model already, but who knows when I have time to practice. I will have to strap on some heels again, haven't worn heels in a while, but getting into that habit isn't such a bad thing. I want to be able to walk in killer heels, because they just make an outfit so much better and your attitude (if that makes sense to you guys)!

Goal: walk like a model

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