Thursday, June 24, 2010

Plus Size Modeling

I have been thinking about plus size modeling for a week now, not too long, but overtime too just not as serious as I am now. I searched several places for an opportunity and there are several, BUTT (and it's a big butt too) I feel like I don't have the time or the money. All the places whether it's training to be or the shows are in bigger cities, sure I'm not too far from a couple but still, for me to have to haul myself and my luggage and my car somewhere far to do all that good stuff is such a hassle. If I do want to do/go I will have to compensate some money and time, which I don't have..... So, I should train myself to walk the model walk and look/feel like one, THEN we will see what I decide to do.

I'm also trying to show myself on different pages to get known and noticed, not that there's anything to notice about me, but just so people connect the name and the face together. lol, sounds so funny when you have to write it down. I hope that everything helps me in the long run and I'm sure it will if I put everything in good use and be wise about everything. Am I wise? No, but I'll try for my future!

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