Sunday, January 15, 2012

Inner Beauty

Tonight I went to the bars with some family and friends. It was a chaotic night, lots of drunk people, arguing, upset people, and laughter. I found myself looking at women and thinking, wow she dances really strange and that chick thinks she's really good at dancing, that one looks really nice! I just kept going on and on in my head about other people and then I looked at the people I was with and realized the same thing. They dance funny, they look nice, they think they're good at dancing too. I have always thought that about myself, but what I didn't realize that I realized today or tonight, is that no matter who you are and what you look like, you will feel good, sexy, and beautiful on the dance floor. You feel good about yourself, you think everyone is watching you because you're good looking and because they're interested. Whether this is true or not is not the case, what we feel inside is shown on the outside. People may look at us (like I looked at others) and think that person is crazy or whatever, but it doesn't always phase us. We still feel what we feel.

I then realized that no matter how I look on the dance floor, as long as I took time to get dressed and put on makeup, I was going to feel good, sexy, and like I have the world in my hands, whether I am fat or not. Skinny women feel that same way and looking around and from my own experience so do the plus size women, so did the cute lady in the wheelchair.

It's all about inner beauty, how you feel, what makes you feel this way. It's the surroundings of music playing in the background, your outfit, the makeup you took time into putting on, the perfume you chose, the lipstick you're wearing, each curl in your hair. You feel this wheather others think it to be true or not, so I'm wondering, if I wasn't a plus size girl, would it really matter? I would still feel inner beauty, I would still dance as crazy weird as I do now and feel as wonderful on the dance floor as I do now, so what's the difference if I was big or not?

My health you say? Who said I wasn't healthy being plus size?


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