Sunday, January 8, 2012

Being Good

I have been good at working out for the past week. Making sure I work out at least half an hour and if I'm too sore to do it one day, I can skip. Now I'm not saying skipping is good, but for a beginner (someone who hasn't worked out in a very long time) it's a good thing to keep slow and pace yourself. I don't want to overwork my muscles and I don't want to crash. I'm still taking classes and working so I have to make sure I'm up for that as well. I don't want to be too sore to not be able to carry heavy stuff or go up and down the stairs at my work place.

Keeping it consistent helps too. Working everyday for half an hour is good, until I can do more than I will boost it up to an hour and more difficult exercises.

Last week I did pushups, full on pushups and I was so happy! Haven't done full on pushups in forever!! Thanks to the bf for helping me and pushing me to do it. I learned in yoga that it's not all about sweating, it's more about the exercise.

Another thing that I have been following is that I should not starve myself, I can eat whatever I want but limit myself to portions. So I can eat whatever I want but in smaller portions that what I have been doing. This works! Whenever I crave something and I'm like, no I am on a diet and need exercising, I just think to myself, don't cut yourself out of the things you want to eat, just limit the portion!

It does really help!!

Let's keep being motivated!! I feel like this year I will accomplish a lot of things!! :D

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