Sunday, December 11, 2011

You Should Apply To Be A Plus Size Model

This past weekend I went home for an early X-mas party with my humungous family and for the party I was wearing a skirt from Forever21, black tights to match my skirt, and a zebra printed shirt from Wal-mart. My sister told me that I looked gorgeous in the fake lashes and the zebra printed shirt. She also said that I always tend to look good and that I should apply to be a plus size model! It made me happy of course and think that maybe I should keep pursuing it. It's not going to happen on the first try, I'll have to keep at it and keep doing what I can do better myself and to get out there. I think that once school is over, I can pursue that more. I only have a semester left!

I'm really happy that other people think that I should be a plus size model other than me. It would be such an amazing opportunity for me! I definitely need to shed off some weight so that I am more fit. I don't need to lose a dramatic amount of weight, just enough so that I can be fit and not flabby!

I hope that I can at least accomplish that, and then maybe my chances of being considered will be higher!

Don't give up! Keep trying!