Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plus Size Clothes

I don't get why they make nice and trendy plus size clothing so expensive!!! I hate that, first of all we are big already, second of all you gots to make everything so expensive that we can't buy it. When it's nice and too expensive, I don't buy it! I'm sure that's how it is for a lot of women.

I've realized that (being big all my life) I was always wearing clothes for the wrong age, it was always for older people. When I was in grade school I wore clothe for teenagers, when I was a teenager I wore clothes for adults, and now that I am an adult, I'm wearing adult clothing, but at times I feel like I'm shopping in the granny section just to get the sizes that fit. Have you ever had that problem? I can't find clothes for big women anywhere, and the ones that I'm supposed to be wearing too... It's sad that we have to go through being big, and not even having the resources for trendy clothes. So depressing, errrrrrrr.

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