Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OOTD Plus Size Style

Hi Ladies!!!!

OOTD- Outfit Of The Day

So on my youtube channel, I have been doing some here and there blurbs about being plus size and such, and that wasn't what I intentionally wanted to talk about, but I'm finding it more and more helpful for my viewers! I also stated in a few videos that I wouldn't be doing any OOTD videos, but seeing that a few of my viewers ask for it and that when I searched, there weren't many, I figured it would be helpful.

That way I can get videos out there more and it would be something different for me and my viewers. I am horrible at coming up with videos, since my lighting is always horrible and I never have time to sit down and do videos. It's great for all of us!!!

I hope that the gals that tune into my outfits don't hate it too much, lol. I tend to be boring and wear casual more than anything, but even casual can look nice plus size style!!!

Learn to live in your body and love your body!!!

I'll link my channel below if you haven't already been!!! :D