Friday, September 10, 2010

My Findings

I find that big people are all over the world. Just because people don't like us doesn't make us disappear, and just because we are big does not mean that everyone is looking at us because WE'RE BIG! I always think that! I always think that when I'm going up the steps someone's staring at my big booty, I always think that when I'm walking on the sidewalk people driving by will be looking at me because I'm big, I always think that every time I eat people will look at me because they think that I'm eating too much. SERIOUSLY girl, GET OVER YOURSELF! lol No,this is what I think, and it may be suprising, but a LOT of big beings think this way. TRUST ME, I know!

But you know what? Not everyone is looking at you because you are big, they may be looking at you because you got something in your teeth or you got a wedgey. NAWWW, I'm just playing. They may be looking at you because you got a nice shirt on, or they like your big booty, or they wish they could be you! So think it that way, and shake that big booty of yours, so they can be jealous and wish that they could be P-H-A-T's (Pretty Hot And Thick) too!

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