Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Zealand Fashion for the Plus Size

Ok, so I've been here for over a month, and I still can't find any stores that are catered towards plus size women that are AFFORDABLE! I found it so difficult to find clothes that would fit me in K-mart, or was it the fact that the sizes were all different and I didn't know what size I was looking for?

I wish there were websites to just tell me where I can go shop for clothes for my big booty-licious body, LOL! But seriously, I'm getting a little tired of hunting for places, I just want to be able to shop for clothes I like, instead of having to find stores to shop....

I have been inspired to take more pictures and blog more about outfits and so on! It'll be good practice for my style/fashion (not that I really have a specific fashion/style) I just wear whatever I like! Some how it works!


  1. oh do you live in New Zealand now?? How do you like it? I live in Australia but come over to visit family and I found it hard to even find affordable makeup stuff too....The probably have city chic there too but it is really expensive...I found our city chic outlet store in Australia so Im able to pick up some bargains...

    I can ask my cousins if they know of any secret places...

    Mele, Australia

  2. Yes I am, I'm only here til the end of June. I'm so glad not longer because I find it difficult to get used to everything, but it is a great experience! That's so cool that you're from Australia!! I have visited Sydney for one day when I was late for my flight, lol.

    And thank you for asking your cousins!! The city chic is super expensive, but if I can't find any affordable clothes I might have to give in... lol

  3. here's what she said

    Heya BEAUTIFUL mele..we have a SARA FASHIONS that come under the ezibuy umbrella which is afordable and the more xspensive is ts14 plus and zebrano, we arent as up to date as usa hehehe hope this helps..


  4. lol well thank you!!! I really appreciate you asking and coming back to let me know!! I will definitely check that out!

  5. Nice post. Well, I hope he same thing too. There are a lot of plus size clothing online.

  6. there is, but it's hard to find the ones that will fit and the ones in your price range