Monday, November 22, 2010


Now is the time for everyone to be around their loved ones and eat and eat and eat and eat! So, some ways to be safe about this matter is, make sure you're not over stuffing yourself. Eat enough so that you're not hungry, but don't eat to eat. Make sure you get what you want on your plate and not just grab everything just to have it. Slow down!!! Don't eat like crazy and keep getting up for more, don't be the first to get seconds if you do go for seconds. When you eat slow, you feel full with less food because your body realizes that you're eating and before you go up for more food, you already feel full. Make sure to not drink too much soda, juice, alcohol. Water helps everything go down easier and digest easier. Instead of socializing around food, socialize around activities. Instead of staying in the kitchen and hanging out with family and friends around the dinner table with food next to you, go to the living room and play some board games, put the food away so that you don't have that excuse of running to the kitchen for some quick snacks.

I think this post will help me more than anyone else! :D

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